Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Igniting young minds an initiative by leaders for tomorrow has started its work for the session 2016 starting in January. To spread the word along with the message freeze mobs were organized every alternative Sunday at rahgiri. To make an event successful one needs to work day and night for its success, thus the whole team of igniting young minds right from the starting of collecting people to making posters worked very hard for the event to get successful.
Igniting young minds is a project with a capability of making a difference for the underprivileged or less privileged children in the society. The basic aim behind this project is to teach each and every child in this country and make them fulfill their dreams. With such a noble aim we the team of igniting young minds are working to make a difference in the society and give each and every child their right towards education.

Leaders for tomorrow a non profit organization is working with the youth towards developing the country in actual sense. They work towards the betterment of the society and to build up a healthy environment. To make all of this happen the team of leaders for tomorrow are giving their 100% and making the youth believe in the idea of making a difference to live in a better society.